How to Make Your Team Love You!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I know we shouldn’t need a special day to express our love and appreciation to one another, but why not make the most of it! 🙂 Here are 4 Key Drivers of Behavior that might make a difference in your teams engagement! 1.  Significance:  “Hey, you are important.”  People with a drive to feel significant put great value in […]

Your Secret Weapon to Breakthrough

We are now in mid-January where the rubber meets the road and you decide how committed you are to the goals you set. Whether it’s personally or professionally you are maybe having to already make adjustments as to what it will actually take to accomplish your goals.  And the reality is…as you know… No One is Going to Complete […]

How to Make Sure Your Team is on the Same Page in 2019!

Each has their own roles and responsibilities and sees things through their lens. It doesn’t mean they are always right, or you are always right, but we all have blind spots and the beginning of the year isa great time to talk through perspective and make sure you are all on the same page! Happy New Year!  A […]

Learning Not to Judge…

For a few months now, the Lord has been narrowing in on my heart in the area of judgements – showing me that what I think of others, and my opinion really doesn’t count.  He’s shown me that when I judge I actually put an expectation or standard on how the other person should act, […]

A Prayer I’ve Been Praying…

Ohhh Lord… I don’t want my emotions wrapped up in a person, I don’t want my feelings tied to a situation, I don’t want to be annoyed, angry or hurt every time someone doesn’t come through. I don’t give away my power, my joy, my peace, and my serenity that easily, I don’t,I wont.  I […]

Top 3 Business Books I Re-Read this Year

I used to have a friend who would read book after book and I was so impressed with the amount of knowledge they consumed. But then I realized there was only one problem… I wasn’t seeing any change or growth in their life. And that’s when it hit me… I never want my life to […]

Times are a Changing…Shift is Upon Us…

The seasons are changing, and change is good, hard and everywhere in between. With every transition comes excitement, joy, expectation, hope and so much more. But also with it comes the reality of having to let go, grieve what was, and allow yourself a lot of grace as you move forward. Change isn’t for the […]

3 Tips to Thrive as Team this Holiday Season

The Holidays are right around the corner which means the craziness at home and at work is only just beginning. Therefore, I wanted to give you some helpful tips from people like you who understand what is takes to THRIVE as a team during the holiday season!    Tip #1: Stick with Your Plan A  “The key is sticking […]

The Question Most Leaders Forget to Ask

  What can I do for you?  It’s a question most managers, supervisors and leaders expect from their teams but true servant-lead leadership understands you are there to empower and encourage those who are “serving” you.   Recently I was training with a local law firm (Goldfinch & Winslow) – shameless plug because they are an […]

What You’re Maybe Missing in Effectively Training Your Team…

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. It’s one of those cheesy sayings, but it’s true and training, coaching and investing in your team is just a few of those ways to show your team that you care.   Here’s a few tips to think through as you invest in your […]