What Would You Say to the 20 Year Old You?

As I find myself climbing higher in the 30’s with another birthday looming around the corner, I can’t help but reflect once again on these past years asking myself… Would I have done anything differently? Am I happy with where I am? Did I make the most of my 20’s? Is there anything I regret? […]

Leaders: 3 Ways to Keep Your Team Engaged & Excited!

I was recently connecting with a Sales Manager who began sharing with me the frustrations of his job.  He was unsure of the value he was bringing to his customer and therefore found himself hesitate to get out there and sell. In the end, we realized he didn’t have all the facts and there was more information he […]

The Book You Think I Probably Shouldn’t Read

I recently read a book which most of you might be offended by. Why would you be offended? Because it has a swear word in the title. Yes a swear word. The book…The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F$ck by Mark Manson. And honestly I liked it. So much so that I read it […]

Dark Night of the Soul: Walking Through the Pit

Sitting in the pit is a funny thing.  It’s the place where no one wants to be and no one wants to talk about, yet it’s the pit where we look back to see God’s handiwork and our character being ultimately shaped and formed. More vividly than all the other poems I wrote this one below is the […]

Put on Your Oxygen Mask First: A Lesson in Boundaries

When I am on a plane I always find the stewardess’ announcement a little awkward. Do I listen even though I’ve heard that speech about seat belts and exit rows 100 times or do I seem rude and irresponsible like everyone else does and plug in my earphones and pretend like I am putting my […]

The Waiting Game: Are You Missing It?

As you think on your life I am sure you can identify something  you are waiting on. Maybe it’s a promotion, a change in your family situation, maybe healing with your health or you fill in the blank _____________. As I think on my own items of waiting, I am wondering how much of just […]

Stranger Things

Stranger Things: Navigating the In Between Seasons of Life

More than likely you’ve clicked on this blog post because the picture and title, Stranger Things caught your attention and you’re wondering if there’s some new information on the 2nd series that airs this Fall on Netflix. Unfortunately, I do not have any new information but am anxiously awaiting (just like you) the 2nd series […]

How March Madness Makes You a Better Leader

March Madness is under way and right now you’re either crying over a busted bracket or happy you’re still “in the game”. Or you may be wondering why people always make such a fuss about March Madness and what a busted bracket even means? Whether or not you get into March Madness you have to respect the amount of time and […]

Finding Your Why & Motivation for Life: Part 2

You want to jump out of bed in the morning with passion and purpose! You want to find yourself losing track of time because you love what you’re doing! You want to look forward to Monday just as much as Saturday! If you want any of these statements to be true for YOU…it might have […]

Finding Your Why: How it Creates Passion & Purpose

You maybe have come across Simon Sinek’s material about Finding Your Why or read his latest book, Start with Why.  “WHY” seems to be all the craze right now and rightfully so because when you find your why, you are finding what motivates you and gets you out of bed in the morning. This driving […]