3 Ways You Might be Stuck & Unable to Change….

Everyone of us can look at our personal and/or professional life and have at least one area we want to see changed. Yet regardless of our need for change we can still feel STUCK and unable to move forward. So many factors can hinder us but here are a few ways I often see people and teams […]

How to Get More Time…Starts with this Question!

No matter what time zone you reside in the same question plagues every leader. How do I get more time?  But in actuality we are asking the wrong question. Instead what if you asked.  What are my highest priorities?  Am I orienting my life around these priorities?  ​​​​​​​It’s as simple as that.  Spend some time personally […]

How to Get More Grit: Develop Your Passion & Perseverance!

I recently read the book Grit by Angela Duckworth. An excellent book if you are looking to push your levels of passion and perseverance. Below are a few highlights from the book and a test to find out how gritty you are! 🙂   Grit: It’s about Passion & Perseverance The breakdown looks like this.  Talent […]

When God’s Enough…Because You’ll Go Nuts Otherwise!

For too many years I’ve searched for deeper connection, deep belonging, and desiring for someone to truly know me. It’s in that “knowing” where I felt seen inside and out. The problem became and is when I seek for this full “knowing” in a person and not in Him. I trace back my steps through […]

Wake Up Leaders: You’re Meant for More!!

It’s time we as leaders, WAKE UP! A new day is here, a new day is upon us. Old leadership is dead. No one wants to mindlessly follow a leader because they have to. People are hungry for leaders who have the integrity, character, and tenacity to lead with passion and perseverance. It’s time to […]

When the Lord says….”BE QUIET!”….

It was a few months ago when I heard the Lord say, “Are you ready to go silent?” At the time I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant and even now I am still questioning Him on it, but for the most part I understood….simply shut my mouth! HA! These past few months He’s been […]

The Missing Ingredient to Your Sales & Leadership Strategy

Recently, I had coffee with an individual who preceded to go on and on about what the great benefits of their services. As I left the meeting I realized they didn’t ask me one question and any information I shared was in response to their “speech”. If this was a networking meeting (which I believe […]

Feel Like You Don’t Belong?! Here’s How to Show Up & Be YOU!

I woke up in the middle of the night from a vivid dream.  It was clear, it was precise and I knew it was meant for more than just me.I was sitting in a lunch room, surrounded by old friends and new friends, and out of the corner of my eye I could see another […]

The Olympics, Leadership & What We Can Learn

Has anyone else been engrossed in the Olympics? I can’t help but tune in each night to see whose competing and what’s at stake. What amazes me is the slim margin of victory in so many of the competitions. Sometimes a second, a mili second or even less. It’s comes down one wrong move, one slight variation off their plan, […]


Transitions, Shifts, & Change….Are You Ready?!

Transition. It’s like wearing one high heel and one sneaker – neither feels comfortable and we just find ourselves walking around like an awkward mess. So what do we do? We keep walking until both shoes fit, and we find our stride. Some days I don’t want to keep going. I want to throw both […]