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"Mikaela's impact on my life has been invaluable. She is a constant and consistent source of encouragement, empowerment, and life-giving support for me as I pursue my God-given ambitions and passions.”

Jenny Tokheim
Taking Ground in the Higher Education
Memphis, TN 


"One of Mikaela's greatest strengths is her ability to ask pointed questions. I have shared many thoughts or feelings with her, and after listening, she would instinctively know where to challenge a line of thinking or emotion by asking questions. All of her questions caused me to think critically, which then allowed me to uncover insights into myself or know how to respond to a particular situation."


Jenn Boccella 
Leading College Women to Their Purpose
Ames, IA

"Mikaela is an amazing leader, seeing her obeidience to walk into what God has called her to do has always helped me to do the same.  I would often go to Mikaela to help me dream about what could be in my life and she would always push me to dream bigger and reach further.  She is incredibly generous, wise and loyal."

Josh Cutting
Discipleship Director at St Thomas Church 
Sheffield, England   

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