Does Procrastination, Perfectionism, or Paralysis from Analysis Keep You Stuck?

To help you successfully launch your new year, I want to share a few reflection points for you to ponder. It’s the Three P’s… 

Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Paralysis from Analysis. 

The question is which one often trips you up? 


Thinking about doing things, without actually doing those things. We’ve all been there. We find ourselves organizing our desk, unloading the dishwasher, looking over our coworker’s shoulder, grabbing another cup of coffee, checking our social media accounts…when in fact what needs done are our emails, the presentation, the meeting agenda, etc…


Desire to get everything “just right” as we continually raise the bar.  The lofty goals are not achieved, expectations are rising, and results are not satisfactory. Your team might feel it from you and you might even feel it from you. Over time it’s exhausting, works against you, and produces burnout. 

Paralysis from Analysis:

Focus on every variable, rather than on the ones that need immediate attention. If you just think and plan, and think and plan and think and plan, you’ll get there.  Wrong! We know overthinking and over analysis doesn’t work, and yet your mind just can’t stop, won’t stop, until the tape plays 10 times! 

No matter what P you fall into, ask yourself these 3 questions when you find yourself stuck. 

  1. What’s the strongest emotion I am feeling right? 
  2. Who else is involved in this situation and how might that prevent me from moving forward?  
  3. If I could snap my fingers and have a perfect outcome, what would it look like? What’s keeping me from moving a step in that direction? 

The goal with changing any pattern (regardless of the P, is to break  the cycle. 

Whether it’s in thought, emotion or behavior - think, feel, and do something different. Nothing changes if nothing changes and nothing changes on its own. 

I hope it’s a year of firsts for you and you are already achieving those New Year's Resolutions.

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