Women's coaching group

2024 Women's Leadership Retreat

it's time to dive in deep

February 12th & 13th

Litchfield Resort
Pawleys island sc

Sometimes life hits you like a wave to the face. When you aren’t expecting it you find yourself below the water, gasping for air and unsure which way is up. And sometimes life finds you floating on top of calm waters, with nothing but the horizon in your sights. As women these are the waves of life we ride - the highs, the lows, and everything in between.As we spend time together this October we’ll take time to evaluate what’s working, what’s not, where in life you want to let go and allow the waves to pull you through, and where you might want to push out to sea, fight the current, and find new life again. This will be your time to retreat, and discover your ah-ha moments. Register today to reserve your spot and learn more about what’s in store.

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women's leadership retreat

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As women we often feel like we have to choose between investing in our personal life or our professional life. In my women's coaching sessions and retreats, we do both. It's never too late to start living out your full potential. You just have to break the cycles that are holding you back so you can move forward. Get practical, actionable coaching on how to define your personal and professional goals and pursue them with intention.

My leadership training courses are an investment in the health of your team and the growth of your company.

Mikaela Schaefer

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