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great teams aren't hired... they're built!

Hiring the best people doesn’t mean you’ll instantly have a great team. It takes work and intentionality to create a healthy, productive professional environment for everyone.

Unfortunately, many leaders haven’t been equipped with the right skills to establish this kind of culture. As a result, their teams are dysfunctional and they feel stuck.

I tailor each session to your team’s specific needs so you can get the most out of your investment.

Through this training, your team will…

  • Build trust with each other.

  • Get aligned on a shared vision.

  • Be equipped to achieve company goals together.

  • Gain critical communication and collaboration skills.

My leadership training courses are an investment in the health of your team and the growth of your company.

Mikaela Schaefer

Client reviews

Here’s what some of my clients have said about how my training has impacted their organizations:

Starting off with a brand-new team of leaders that have never before been in these positions before Mikaela’s training was instrumental in getting the right jump start to their leadership roles.  It also helped by adding to their toolbox the tools they need to be successful at these leadership positions.  Even happier to say the vast majority of all the trainees are still here and in lead and supervising roles. A great jump start by building a good foundation to continue to grow from.

Bob Edwards

General Manager| Bicycle Corporation of America
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SafeRack started training classes for Leadership Training in January 2018.  The training lasted for approximately 4 months, meeting twice a week which we called “lunch & learn”.  Mikaela Schaefer was one of our instructors.  She did an awesome job and all of the employees that attended felt the same.  She was professional and made the class very interesting.  She is a great presenter, and I would recommend her for any type of training.

Pat Dzurik

HR Director | Saferack
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Mikaela was very professional. She transformed the training to meet the needs of our employees.  Going into the training our foreman was not happy about having to be in training all day, but they came away from the training with some great solutions for how to handle the situations they encounter every day. After the training I received numerous calls and texts thanking me for allowing them to do the training.

Kim Weaver

HR Manager & EEO Officer | Protego USA
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