10 Areas to Evaluate Your Leadership Effectiveness this Year!

When was the last time you sat down and honestly evaluated your leadership effectiveness? Mature leaders look in the mirror and decide when it's time for a haircut. They make a point to evaluate and reflect on what's working and what needs to change. They understand that their influence is 100% their responsibility and they decisively take ownership of it. I know it can be hard to know where to begin so below I've included a few starter questions and also 10 key areas to measure your effectiveness as a leader.

Starter Questions for Reflection:

  1. What areas of communication proved to be the most and least effective this year in regards to your leadership?
  2. Did you have any reoccurring challenges arise this year with yourself or others?
  3. What tasks and activities required the most energy this year? the least energy?

On a scale of 1-10 how do you rank these elements of YOUR Leadership.  _________          

Responsiveness & Follow-Through on Your Duties_________
Effectiveness & Productivity of Leadership Role_________
Motivation & Engagement with the Company Culture (Your Morale)_________
Work Life Balance and Schedule Structure_________
Focused Vision in Long & Short-Term Goals_________
Exhibit High Levels of Character & Integrity_________
Consistency and Effectiveness of Communication_________
Pursuit of Excellence & Holding a Standard High_________
Thought-out Decision-Making & Problem Solving

Remember: Your Team is a Mirror of Your Leadership Effectiveness. ;) If you found this exercise easy the next challenge is to send this list to your team or even your spouse or family members! Feedback changes the game...that is if you're willing to humbly accept it. ;)

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