2 Final Steps to Build Your Ultimate Team Culture!

Hopefully you have begun to think deeper on your team culture from the previous post and if it's serving you and your team in the best possible way.

I know you're busy so without further delay here's the final 2 steps to consider when implementing your dynamic team culture! 


Step 4:  Recognize Attitudes & Behavior are Symptoms NOT Solutions.

External and outward attitudes and behavior are often where leaders get stuck. Although they are important factors we definitely want to address, they are actually giving us a window into the symptoms of the deeper challenges within your team. 

Start to see them as signs into what needs to change with the experiences and conversations you are having day in and day out. 


Step 5:  Measure the “Right” Team Results. 

Measuring and tracking numbers, profit, and expenses are a given, but what would it look like to track team morale, employee turnover, and individual motivation year in and year out? Putting these to a metric starts to change the culture as you notice the very ethos of what’s working and what’s not among your team. 


Here's a quick recap on the culture building formula. 

Experience > Emotions > Mindset > Attitudes >Behavior > Results 


Pick one area to focus on and allow the rest to flow from there. 

let's transform
your culture together!

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