3 Quick Questions to Engage Your Team at a Deeper Level

Unless you love never leaving the house you are more than likely ready to mix and mingle again! Even the introverts I talk to are craving one thing...CONNECTION. In times of chaos and constant change, genuine connection, feeling seen, heard, and valued must be at the forefront of your time together. My guess is you might be ready to mix up your zoom time and add value to your team so below are a few simple questions to help your team move forward.In the end, it's connection with you and one another they are craving!

Past: What has been the hardest change or adjustment you've had to make personally or professionally this year? What did you learn from it?
Present: In 1 or 2 words how would you describe the current state of our team and why?
Future: What are 1-2 areas that you want to see stay consistent among our team once in person meetings and “normal” activity resume?

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