3 Starter Steps to Master Your Team Culture

As we approach the last months of 2022 and begin to look ahead to the New Year, it's important not to miss the most crucial element among your team.

Your Culture.  

It's the heart and soul of what makes your team the best it can be.  It shows up in meetings, in hallway or zoom call conversations, and the everyday planning and executing of your tasks and responsibilities. 

Now is a great time to be asking...Is it working for you OR against you?

Are there specific elements you want to change but aren't sure where to start?  

If so, here's 3 starter steps to point you in the right direction. 


Step 1:  Evaluate Your Team's Everyday Interactions. 

Take some time to evaluate the kind of experiences, interactions, and engagement you and your team have day in and day out. It's in these everyday interactions that you can determine if your team members have established a culture of trust. The most important foundation of every great team is trust. Without it there is nothing to build on and nowhere to go. 


Step 2:  Discern the Emotional Temperature of Your Team.  

We all know emotions are highly contagious. One negative Nancy and the whole team slumps in their chair and the entire team dynamic changes. It’s great to note when your team is happy and motivated, and when they are discouraged. Emotions drive behavior and so as leaders we should do our best to channel them in a positive direction.


Step 3:  Influence Their Mindset to Ignite Morale. 

Right next to emotions lives the mindset of your team, and a positive mindset is what you want to purposely cultivate.  The difference between thinking, “No one even notices me” to "I feel valued here” takes a team from ok to great.  When you to start to create experiences which give your team the thoughts of feeling valued, cared for, noticed, and important, everything else begins to flow from there. 


Watch for my next blog where I share the final 2 steps of what it takes to build and sustain a great culture! 

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