3 Ways to Build Trust with Your Team - The Most Important Value

Whether your team is newly formed or has been together for 20 years trust remains the most important foundation of every great team and relationship.Without trust, there is nothing to build on. Trust is all about consistency in your words and actions.

So how do you build it?
How do you earn it with those around you?
How do you practically create it with a new team?
As I've observed the behavior of great leaders I've worked with, I consistently see 3 ways in which they build trust.

Allow Your Team to Feel Heard.

Flood your conversations with questions. Find out what they think, why they think a certain way, and how they got to their conclusion. We are often looking for answers but not always looking to really listen to the perspective of those around us. The difference in approach makes all the difference.

Make Your Team Feel Seen.

Give More Compliments! The cheapest way to reward quality work is by giving compliments. Rather than always focusing on the negative and correcting performance, be quick to reward and notice positive behavior to ensure the good results keep happening.

Help Your Team Feel Valued.

Create a steady drip feed of vision! Everyone wants to be a part of a bigger picture and a greater story. Get in the habit of sharing where the company is headed, what new projects are in the pipeline and how they will be a part of the team's success. Be a leader who's always fostering the vision and be continually drawing people in!When your team feels seen, heard, and valued trust builds. When that foundation is strong, your team can truly grow and stand in any storm.

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