5 Team Must-Do’s in July to Build Morale!

It’s July! We’re halfway till the end of the year and it’s a great time to check on the temperature of your team.

Here’s 5 Practical Idea’s to Keep Your Team Morale High!

  1. Check in on Your Team’s Vacation Days.
    Work life balance is critical for your team’s mental and emotional health and studies show most Americans don’t even use half of their vacation days. No wonder we are all so exhausted. Encourage them to use their days, to have that SPACE away from the office.

  1. Find Out Where They Need Support from You.
    Schedule a 30-minute meeting to simply ask the question, “What do you need from me?” Maybe it’s more of something or maybe less but they will appreciate you asking the question.

  1. Share the Wins So Far!
    Schedule an all-team meeting to celebrate the highlights from the first half of the year. You can share the numbers you’ve hit, introduce the new staff you’ve added, announce the current positions opened, and/or new territory opportunities.  No win is too small, and it always feels good to be reminded of why your work matters.

  1. Meetings Mix Up.
    Meetings especially in the summertime can feel long and mundane as you stare out the window wishing you were outside. Mix up your meetings by meeting at a coffee shop, scheduling it over lunch, or asking a couple out of the box questions to remind each other you are real people and not robots!

  1. Build Connection! Take a Personality Assessment!
    Shameless plug if you are looking understand your co-workers more, I would be happy to give you access to my Cloverleaf Personality Assessment Dashboard where you and your team can take the DiSC, 16 Types, Enneagram, or Culture Pulse assessments just to name a few.  A great way to learn more about why your co-worker might operate a little differently than you!

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