Is Your Team Truly Winning?

In sports they say, “You are what your record says you are.” In business, success can be measured by a number of things. Profit, expansion, or new opportunities just to name a few. But what good is growth if your team isn’t connecting on all levels? And what might the cost be long-term if a few of these important elements aren’t happening among your team?

* Turnover Ratio
* Growing Trust with One Other
* Unity Around a Common Goal
* Ability to Navigate through Conflict
* Collaboration Among the Departments
* Teams are Supported by Management
* Individuals Have a Growth Plan in Place

Obviously, profits are crucial to keep the lights on and keep employees coming to work but as a leader be sure to be checking the temperature of these other key team dynamics. In a hiring market where finding and keeping employees remains a challenge, these factors could make all the difference.

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