How to Create a Culture of Engaging Feedback?

To know me is to know I am a sports enthusiast. Lately I am enthralled with the new competitive cheerleading show on Netflix called Cheer. I must admit that a show with cheerleading as a theme is a little out of character for me, a tomboy that played football at recess.One of the many things I appreciate about sports is the leadership lessons that we glean from it. For instance, let's look at my favorite PGA golfer, Jordan Spieth.  He's won numerous tournaments and yet he still has countless coaches around him, helping in every aspect of his life. He is always ready and anxious to grow and learn even as a highly successful professional golfer You look at any elite athlete and you'll see the same level of constant feedback and coaching in their life. Turn to the business world and coaching, sharing feedback and giving constructive feedback is often boiled down to a one a year performance review. And even then, leaders can become defensive and critical when hearing that feedback. So let me ask you...

What would it look like to create a culture of continual feedback with your team?

The desired goal is to create an atmosphere of coaching, sharing, listening, and giving suggestions to continue to up your game and increase your team's efficiency and effectiveness.For many teams this is a foreign concept, but for those who are willing to learn a lesson from the world of sports, here's my homework assignment for you to take your team to the next level.

Step 1 to Creating a Coaching Culture:

  • Evaluate what coaching and feedback currently looks like and identify who on your team may benefit from more consistent coaching and feedback.  

My next email will provide specific tips on how to move forward from there, but here's a quick sharing a bit more on creating that ideal coaching culture.

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