How to Handle Conflict Effectively

Conflict. I know it's scary, overwhelming, and anxiety causing. I know it can be messy, awkward, and probably trigger your flight or fight mode.So how do we handle those big elephants in the room?How do we engage each other in these hard conversations? Well, what if we started by calling a spade a spade? Something like..."Good morning, team. I know we have conflict and tension around how to move forward with our marketing strategy, but it's necessary we discuss this openly today. I've already heard lots of different opinions, and we probably aren't going to get this resolved today, but it's important for me to hear how everything feels, and their reasons for what's best." Then as a leader, step back, take out your notepad and listen!Repeat back to them what you hear them say.Let them know you'll be reviewing on their answers and come back with a collective solution, giving them the WHY in the decision.

I shared the clip above as a reminder that if your conflict or rather healthy debate isn't a little uncomfortable than you are probably living in artificial harmony.It can be easy to run from conflict, desiring to keep the peace, making sure no one and nothing rocks the boat, but eventually as we know this doesn't create for thriving teams. Notice this week how your team handles conflict, and more importantly how you as a leader handle it.

* Do you run towards it aggressively, bulldozing everyone in your path?
* Do you run away from it, terrified at the thought of offending someone?
* Do you sit in silence, hoping no one notices you are even in the room?
It's important as leaders to create self-awareness around conflict and discern the emotions that rise to the surface so you
can move forward effectively.

When you increase your self-awareness around conflict, your ability to lead and manage increases as well.

As always please let me know your questions in regards to team conflict. I am happy to help!

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