How to Move from Good to Great

The end of the year is a time to reflect deeply and refine your focus.This year has been one of massive shifts and change. Therefore, heading into the New Year you want minimum baggage and maximum flexibility.We all have this in common: limited energy, strength, time and material resources. More than money, it is time that we discover is our most limited resource. You can store up money but not so with time.We all must decide what stays and what goes. If you fail to do the pruning now, clutter will fill your life with distractions, people, and meaningless projects that will zap your strength and cloud your focus.

So, what stays and what goes?

Good truly is the enemy of great. As we grow and evolve it's the pruning of the good things that is often the most challenging, yet crucial to your growth towards greatness.

So, ask yourself...

  1. Where is my time and energy being drained?
  2. Am I putting my energy towards the right priorities?
  3. What are the good things in my life that need to be pruned?

Before the holiday craziness begins do your best to find time to reflect and make sure your focus is set in the right direction. This can be a game changer for heading into 2022 with increased clarity and purpose!

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