How Would You Rank Your Self-Awareness?

I heard a story recently of someone asking their doctor, When will they finally get past their on-going health issues? The doctor replied, "You're thinking about your health all wrong. "With the patient a little confused the doctor began to explain how their health wasn't a destination they arrive at and then they get to eat donuts the rest of their life.Rather its an on-going mindset towards a lifestyle of healthy choices. Isn't this the reality we all painfully know? It reminded me that the journey towards self-awareness is no different. It's a mindset of continual growth! So, let me ask you where do you find yourself on the self-awareness growth path below?

Step 1:  Are You Willing to Step into Self-Discovery?

Some people never even engage in step one. To take the time to learn about yourself, to understand your personality, your natural tendencies, and your blind spots just to name a few. A process of truly seeking to know oneself.

Step 2: Are You Willing to Dive into Self-Awareness?

Are you willing to look in the mirror? And then look again, and again even if you don't like what you see and don't even agree with what you see, which leads us to the next step.

Step 3: Are You Able to Enter into Self-Acceptance?

Will you accept what you see?  I once had a client say, "I know I react with anger." And that was the extent of it.  No willingness to accept it and move towards growth. He was fully aware and yet not willing to accept that he needed to change his behavior.Food for thought for all of us. True self-awareness is being able to agree and accept reality.

Step 4: Will You Take the Steps to Self-Action?

If you've worked your way through steps 1 through 3 more than likely you are ready for action. These action steps might look very different for each of us. Trial and error is usually the name of the game. Because again, it's a mindset of on-going growth.If at first you don't succeed, try again, or try something new or start back at step one. ;)

Step 5: Be Willing to Repeat Steps 1 - 4

Just like the patient at the doctor's office the moment you think you've arrived is of course the moment you start moving backward. Every season of life provides new opportunities and new challenges for all of us. Be willing to continually engage in the journey, be honest about where you are at, and move courageously forward is the essence of the self-awareness journey. So what step do you find yourself in today? How might you engage at a deeper level? The future you will thank you.

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