Leaders...Do You Give Your Team This Gift?

In 1986, Science Magazine reporter James Muller of Harvard shared that heart attacks tend to occur in the morning around 9am.But not only at 9am but Monday morning at 9am.

Of course this is when most people are fighting traffic or just starting to fight the challenges of work.The reality is humans were not designed for instantaneous change.  Studies show it's simply not healthy for our bodies.

So let me ask you, when was the last time you said to your team...We have to pivot now.It's time to change directions. We must adjust and shift our priorities.The market is changing, scratch everything from yesterday. In a world of 2-day deliveries, fast food, instant messages, and immediate everything, we know that the world moves fast and we are continually striving to meet those demands. But sometimes, we have to ask... At what cost?

Recently, as I was meeting with a leader he began sharing about some new goals and strategies he was having his team execute.As I expressed my excitement for these new initiatives, what he said next caught my attention. With the team being newly formed he expressed his concern for not overwhelming his leaders with starting every new goal and strategy at once. Months ago when his team was first starting he could have implemented everything immediately.

Instead, every couple of months he introduced a new initiative giving his team time to adapt, adjust and truly settle into the new change.

He gave his team the Gift of Patience. Especially in our covid world the demands of growth, profit and even just steady maintenance are felt more than ever. But remember the heart attack example?! You and your team are not robots. Everyday we are met with 100's of expectations and responsibilities that can add to our stress and work load. So when there's an opportunity to give your team the gift of patience and easing into change...I hope you give it generously. Remember the turtle always wins the race.

Quick Reflection on Your Patience as a Leader

So leader, how's your patience?  

* Do you feel in tune with your ability to grow discernment?
* Do you allow space to listen to one another and grow together?
* Can you practice restraint in not assigning too many projects?
* Do you give your team opportunity to learn, fail, and get up again?
* Do you take the time you need to build a solid foundation as a team?

Let me promise you, your team will thank you.And in the end you'll grow further and farther...Together.

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