Wake Up America, The War Looks Different Now...

If you think your party has now "won", you've missed it.  If you think your party has now "lost", you've missed it. The war looms larger. The battle is that but a battle in a larger fight. Corporations, businesses and individuals alike have been shown for who they are in and no doubt more truth will be revealed. More than ever, millions have woken up to the true reality of where our country lies and the parties at play. A six-year study on why top executives fail showed one of the two key factors was an inability to face reality. Even if it's uncomfortable, uneasy, and overwhelming we must understand we must face the reality we are in. In previous generations war was more straightforward in land, air, and sea and fought with weapons and a clear understanding of who we are fighting. The enemy has blurred the lines and used information, technology, and media as main weapons of disguise. The warfare is now not about tactical positioning, and weapon artillery but instead a psychological, informational, spiritual, and moral confusion tactical strategy.We are lazy.  Let me repeat that. WE ARE LAZY. One click in your inbox and you're met with a feast of one liners, that so quickly fit the narrative that works for you. It allows you to remain comfortable, distant, and hopeful that it all will just work out, allowing you to stay at arm’s length.America is forever in debt to the soldiers who physically risked and sacrificed their lives for the fight for freedom. They were exhausted, dehydrated, frostbit, sleep deprived, wounded, traumatized and the list goes on and yet they kept going. Our freedom remained.Now it’s under siege and to miss that is to miss the whole story, the larger war, and the greater fight. We are lazy. We don't research. We don't question.  We don't dig deeper. We don't investigate. We don't question the news thread we've trusted for so long and the anchors and politicians we can't imagine to be corrupt.To be a Christian, is to know we are in spiritual battle - good vs evil. For the majority of Americans, our sufferings include the internet not working fast enough, worrying how quickly Amazon Prime will arrive, what to choose on Netflix, and where to get takeout.Conclusion.  We haven't suffered. The military veterans I've seen interviewed are disgusted. The land of the free and the home of the brave. The understand the cost, the sacrifice, and war.

Abraham Lincoln said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within."

We are used to war out there, over there, and in the physical lives of the military we love and soldiers we trust. Now it's in our hands and greeting us in our newsfeed. The power to influence, persuade, deceive, manipulate, and confuse. Hitler's number one tactic in deceiving Germanywas fear propaganda and igniting the emotions of the people. Another tactic was organized chaos – basically January 6th and most of 2020! Hitler engineered a phony, staged Polish attack on a German radio station. Germans dressed as Polish people. You fill in the blank. The enemy’s tactics aren’t new, but we remain ignorant.We don't understand how evil works. We don't understand the signs of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Let this be a wakeup call.In the book, People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck he says, “We see the smile that hides the hatred, the smooth and oily manner that masks the fury, the velvet glove that covers the fist. Because they are experts at disguise, it is seldom possible to pinpoint the maliciousness of evil.”In December I was treating myself to a manicure and was surprised by two things.

1. They had no signs saying you needed to wear masks.
2. They had Newsmax playing on their TV.

I was intrigued and I dug deeper.Coming from communist China their response was simple. We can spot manipulation, control and fear media a mile away. Newsmax was one station they were ok with for the most part they said. ;) I said, tell me about the masks. Again, their answer was the same.When you’ve sat next to evil, participated in its game and wrestled with your own, you understand it all too well. From there you can’t not see it, you can’t deny it and your gut instincts kick into gear when something just doesn't sound right. Ignorance is now anything but bliss. We are lazy. We are naive. We are spineless. The war has hit our doorsteps. It's time we open the door and engage in the fight strategically.If you think your party has now "won", you've missed it.  If you think your party has now "lost", you've missed it. For too many years we line up, cast our vote, get upset or feel vindicated for a moment, and then move on with our lives. Let this be a wakeup call to you, to engage in the battle but more importantly the war. Never before have we seen how crucial our local offices are - school board, state legislators, to name a few. Engage. Reflect on where you've missed it. Educate yourself.  Keep learning about our history, the founding fathers, the constitution, and act. Fear. Manipulation. Control. We must learn its tactics because the war looks different now.It’s time we wise up.

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