What It Takes to Create a Thriving Team | Part 2

As you become aware of the culture of feedback within your team, you may be identifying what is working and what is not. Diving in deeper I want to give you a few quick, action tasks to increase effective communication with your team.

3 C's in Your Culture of Engaging Feedback

  1. Consistent Formal Coaching Reviews
    No one wants to be on an emotional roller coaster wondering if you are performing well or not. A once-a-year performance review doesn't produce engaging, high achieving employees, so be sure to set the calendar for formal times of feedback with your team. Tip: Review the calendar and plan on at least twice a year performance reviews to keep the motivation going.

  1. Continual Informal Coaching Feedback
    As you set goals during performance reviews, the key is to keep the conversation going. The goal should be to find moments to give in the moment feedback by reinforcing positive behavior or allowing them to see when they are off is HUGE in producing future growth.

    Tip:  Set a reminder every Friday morning to reflect on your week and share with you team, the moments they were headed in the right direction and the moments they might have been off.

  1. Constructive Conversations filled with Compassion
    If your feedback doesn't land well, it will more than likely have the opposite effect in engaging your team to the next level. Therefore, make sure your tone, body language and words are delivered in a solutions-oriented approach.

    Tip:  Seek first to understand and make sure you are asking more questions than directing the solution.  Look for ways to allow them to take further ownership of what's needed moving forward. Establishing a culture of empowering feedback takes time. Pick one task to start doing together as team, and let it grow from there.

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