3 Barriers to Great Delegation

Delegation can be a tricky one.  I find it’s often feast or famine with leaders. 

On one end there are leaders who release all too quickly and then walk away wondering weeks later why their team is failing. 

On the other end there are leaders who barely give away tasks and can’t help but continue to micromanage their team, and wonder why they are overwhelmed and burned out. 

So how do we find that sweet spot in the happy middle? 

Step 1:  Identify which camp (below) you fall into. 

Step 2: Note if you need to address their competence and/or character in delegation. 

Step 3: Put into action one area to help them grow so you can trust them. 

4 Areas of Delegation: 


You might be overwhelmed and skip over proper training but it will cost you more in the end. Step back and take time to train. It’s worth it. Think long term! 

False Start: 

They may start off strong, but quickly disrupt the team or clients in how they behave. 

Friendly Flaw: 

They may have the right relational skills and you may like them as a person but be careful this doesn’t cloud your judgment in giving them appropriate training and accountability. 

Freedom to Release: 

They’ve built your trust in all the right areas.  Give freedom and build in on-going accountability. 

If you are still struggling with delegation or helping your team reach out for additional resources!

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