4 Types of Leaders...Which Are You?!

We all want to be that highly empathic connected leader, but the reality is when we feel stressed and overwhelmed we often fall back into old habits and settle into our “default leadership style”. 

As you read the styles below identify where your watch points might be when times get stressful and your workload increases. 

The Chummy Leader 

You are more concerned about being their friend than their leader.  It’s important to remember at times you might need to put the buddy hat down and enforce the same level of expectations and accountability as you do with the rest of the team. 

The Controlling Leader 

You like things just a certain way and often set the bar so high the team feels defeated before they even start. Take a breath and step back. Look for ways in which your team can lead the charge on collaboration and ownership. Sometimes there is more than one way and their way works just as well! 

The Cold Leader 

You tend to leave people to their own devices and therefore come across as distant and disengaged as a leader.  Look for ways in which you can connect on both a personal and professional level to begin giving them added support. Ask specifically how you can show up for them as a leader. 

The Connected Leader 

You lead from a place of empathy and understanding.  You are quick to ask for feedback but also hold your team accountable and frequently follow-up.  Communication is key as you are open and consistent in what you expect and you offer support in achieving future goals. 

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