Are You Creating the Wrong Goals?

So often as leaders when we are engaging our team on their performance goals, we focus too much on the final outcome. 

Yes, that’s right. We place too much emphasis on the final result. 

There are times this is important, absolutely, but sometimes our focus is all wrong. 

Sometimes the result we are actually looking for is about creating consistency in their performance, in turn which will give you the result you want, NOT once but time and time again. 

It’s simply asking the question…Is this a time for…

Result-oriented goals


Process-oriented goals

Result-oriented puts the focus on the final outcome. 

Process-oriented puts the focus on establishing consistent behavior. 

The focus makes ALL the difference when you are measuring success, progress, and accountability around their performance. 

Ask yourself if your frustration with your team is centered on the final outcome OR the fact that they haven’t developed the on-going behavior necessary to the process. 

The difference makes ALL the difference. 

Great leaders apply both but at the appropriate times!

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