9 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Their Team

Feedback is essential to every great team, but leaders often wonder what questions they should be asking to get the critical feedback they need. 

Cutting to the chase, here are the 3 key areas that every team member craves and the 9 questions to help you understand how connected they feel to your team.

1. Everyone wants to be part of a bigger story.


a. When was the last time your team heard the company’s vision for the next 1-3 years?


b. Does your team regularly connect/communicate with other departments?


c. Can you tell your team has clarity of expectations within their job?



2. Everyone wants to be known (to be seen & heard) within a team.


a. Do you regularly have formal and informal coaching/performance reviews with each team member?


b. Do you give more positive affirmation than corrective action?


c. How often do you seek to tap into your team member’s potential?



3. Everyone wants to feel like their job has purpose and meaning.


a. Are you checking in with your team’s workload to make sure they are managing it well and are not feeling overwhelmed? 


b. Do you see noticeable areas of growth your team has made in the past year? Do you also notice areas you can encourage them to make progress?


c. Are you aware of any additional stress in your team’s life that you need to be mindful of as you assign their workload?

You may assume you know these answers about your team but do not make those assumptions.  ASK the questions.  

And if you are needing more guidance on how to create a Culture of Feedback, click the link below!

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