The Journey Towards Personal Mastery

Tapping Into Your Full Potential

In his 2008 book “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell wrote that “ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.”


It’s your time, your energy, and your attention.  Your skills, abilities, and talents.  


Emotionally, physically, and mentally all of you focused on one purpose.


So where have you invested hours upon hours? Days after day, month after month, and year after year. 


In relationships certainly, your job absolutely, and hobbies, I am sure.


We are all on a journey towards something.


Intentionally or haphazardly, we move forward every day.


Working with teams every day I am constantly confronted with the process of personal development of leaders.


Whether working on their communication, their leadership skills, or their own personal self-awareness I find the process often looks something like this.


I call it…The Self-Mastery Journey:  

  1. Self–Deception:        
  2. Self-Reflection:          
  3. Self-Awareness:      
  4. Self-Acceptance:      
  5. Self-Actualization:    

  1. Self–Deception:        
  2. Self-Reflection:          
  3. Self-Awareness:      
  4. Self-Acceptance:      
  5. Self-Actualization:    

Fear, pain, or denial, we won’t look at our blindspots.

We have willingness to learn and look inward.

We are willing to notice/observe patterns and behavior.

Even if it’s hard to look at, we accept reality.

We desire to step into our full potential.

Sometimes this process happens quickly as we work through a problem.


Sometimes leaders find themselves stuck unwilling to look inwardly or unsure how to move forward through the problem.

As you evaluate your own life (Self-Reflection) ask yourself…


·     Where do you long to see growth?

·     Where do you find yourself stuck in life?

·     Are there certain skills you still want to develop?


As you dive in look back through the 5 areas of Self-Mastery and identify where you might be and what next step might be needed in the process.

Like most things we all want the quick fix, the drive thru version of progress, but often one area might take weeks or months or even 10,000 hours so be sure togive yourself grace as you navigate through your own Journey of Personal Mastery!


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