What Matters More Than Communication…

One of the most requested leadership training topics is communication. 

You might also have that topic request, as you are wondering why Joe and Sally can’t talk nice with each other and seem to be in constant disagreement. 

Communication is KEY as we know, but one critical leadership area that’s often overlooked is YOUR ACTIONS. 

Iowa State Men’s Basketball Coach TJ Otzelberger said it best…

"You want your actions to speak so loudly no one hears your words."  

We’ve all had that leader who did anything but lead by example. 

All the right words, all the perfect communication fell on deaf ears. 

Just like kids follow the behavior of adults, the same is true of your team. 

If you find yourself frustrated with a teammate, take an honest look around to see whose actions (maybe yours) they might be following. 

Remember, do as I say, not as I do, never works. 

Be a leader whose ACTIONS speak louder than their words! 

Many will follow!

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