Influence Your Mindset to Ignite Morale.

Influence Your Mindset to Ignite Morale.

Like two peas in a pod, it’s important to note how closely connected our emotions are with our thoughts and mindset.


In the Culture Building Formula, we could almost place them right on top of each other.


Experience > Emotions > Mindset > Attitudes > Behavior > Results




If I say to myself, “It’s going to be a good day” most definitely positive emotions will follow.  


If I say to myself, “It’s going to be a bad day” most definitely negative emotions will follow.


If you remember my airport story from the previous blog (click here to read), it came to a point where my anger, frustration, and disappointment were all tied up in how I was choosing to think about my situation.


Anger = “Urgh…this is why I never fly this airline. What is wrong with them?”    


Frustration = “Now, I am stuck here for 3 hours, unsure if I’ll be on the next flight…”


Disappointment = “Now, I’ve missed day 1 with my clients, connecting with them, diving in together, etc.…etc.…”


Like a pinball machine all these thoughts recached one after the other, and as the negative thoughts flowed, the negative emotions increased.


There was only one healthy solution.


Feel my thoughts And Find Different Thoughts!


It started to look like this.


Calm = “This situation is out of my control. It’s not my fault.”


Joy = “What an opportunity to finally get through my emails with no distractions.”


Peace = “Let me think how I can make the best of this situation.”


Changing my thoughts, changes the emotion which changes my experience.


Of course, it wasn’t that easy. I went through 2 coffees and a few journal entries of letting it all out and repeatedly had to rehearse my new thoughts!  


BUT …in the end (3 hours later 😉 when I boarded the plane) I was in a different mindset, new emotional state, and was creating a better experience for myself AND the people around me.


How you show up emotionally and mentally is no different in the workplace.


The difference in thinking, “I feel valued here,” to “No one even notices me,” creates a drastically different emotional climate and sense of morale among the team.   


Therefore, if you are looking to change your environment and your team culture, you might want to start with looking at your mindset!


What thoughts often fill your mind?

How do you think about your co-workers?

How do you think about yourself at work?

How often do you beat yourself up for not being good enough?


Just as you start to notice your emotions, it’s key to then recognize the thoughts connected with those emotions. Start a thought-emotion journal and you might be surprised how your own personal experiences begin to shift!


There’s so much out of our control but definitely within our control is how we choose to think about ourselves and the circumstances around us!


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