This is Where Culture Begins

This is Where Culture Begins

It’s been said that the average person will spend 90,000 hours of their lifetime at work.

That means that most weeks you are more likely to see more of your co-workers than your family.

So to say your work environment is important is an understatement.

It’s crucial to your happiness, purpose, and overall joy in life.

What we all want is a place where we can feel fulfilled, like we matter, like someone values our opinion, and we are treated with respect.

At the heart of it all, we want connection.

This is where culture begins and finds its life.

As you show up to work, pass through the offices, sit at your desk, answer the phone, go to your meetings, and wrap up your projects, your work culture lives and breathes.

Just as trust is built in the smallest of moments,
culture is built in those common everyday experiences.

Often leaders will plan a social outing, a team building event, or provide lunch hoping that will move the dial towards a thriving culture.

Of course, those are important but what truly sets the tone is your consistency in your everyday team interactions more than those one-time big events.

As creatures of habit every day you are consistently showing up in a certain way.

And it’s either working for you and your team or against you.

To define your culture, you must first determine the type of experiences you provide your team.

Simply pay attention to how you show up.

  • Where’s your focus?  
  • How do you approach your teammates?
  • What’s your typical demeanor with others?
  • How’s your attitude when you come to meetings?

We can’t change what we don’t notice.

As you spend time observing the experiences you provide, remember culture is built in these smallest of moments.  

Master the small moments, and you’ll have no problem creating the big ones.

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