Quick Guide to Great Meetings

My first rule when leading a meeting is if you're not excited about the meeting…

CANCEL the meeting!

Meetings are the number one place where your team culture LIVES or DIES.

Ideally it’s the birthplace of cohesion, collaboration and great connectivity among your team. 

When in doubt here are 3 E's to evaluate how well your meetings are going. 

* Are they Efficient?

* Are they Effective?

* Are people Engaged?


When are your meetings happening? Are they happening at the right time, the correct place, and for the right length of time that makes sense for the team members? Do you have the consistency to ensure connectivity? 


What are the topics being discussed? Is there an agenda that gives the specifics? And have you allotted the correct amount of time to do so?


Who are the people attending? Are the right people at the meeting and are they invested in what's being discussed? Have you identified who will cascade the information to the right people once the meeting is over? 

If you get your meetings right, your team culture flows from there.

Don’t forget these are GREAT questions to ask your team. 

Just because you think the meeting hits all 3 E’s doesn’t mean your team holds the same opinion!

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