Your Procrastination Problem Isn't What You Think

“Many people associate procrastination with laziness.  But psychologists find that procrastination is not a time management problem-it’s an emotion management problem.  

When you procrastinate, you’re not avoiding effort.  You’re avoiding the unpleasant feelings that the activity stirs up.  Sooner or later though, you realize you’re also avoiding getting where you want to go.” ~ Adam Grant, Hidden Potential 

I completely agree.  

Often if I am delaying doing a task, it's because the tape in my head is saying, "You're not good enough." So I am already showing up feeling inadequate, which in turn makes me procrastinate and push off wanting to do the activity in front of me. 

When we drag our feet on any task it’s easy to think it’s because of our busy schedules, various demands, or dissatisfaction with what we have to do, but it begs the deeper question. 

Are we actually avoiding something because of something much deeper such as feelings of inadequacies? 

The easy answers are the external answers above. But if you really want to get to the bottom of your procrastination problem, tapping into your emotional state is definitely the answer.  

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