My Hope for Leaders in 2024…

I hope you love your team. 

Love in the sense...

That you listen, seeking to understand their point of view. 

You consistently build them up, build them up and build them up. 

You affirm their efforts but also take time to give them constructive feedback. 

When you see them in struggle, you know it takes discernment to decide if this is theirs to figure out or if they need your assistance. 

You practice boundaries, self-care, saying no, taking all your vacation days FIRST so they see what healthy leadership looks like. 

You set up meetings with them regularly, giving them all the information they need, equipping them for every task appropriately. 

When conflicts arise, you love them enough to enter in, getting to the bottom of it, and seek to resolve it for the good of the team and individual. 

You practice grace, compassion, and understanding FIRST with yourself and then with others. 

And in the same breath you practice radical accountability, uphold consequences, and don't tolerate unacceptable behavior. 

Love isn't assuming the best of intentions, but growing trust on the basis of actions and commitment which of course start first with YOU. 

Leadership as we know takes time, effort, commitment and often sacrifice…love at the core.  

So as you look ahead to 2024 I hope you love your team…taking the time for the greatest investment, in your greatest asset…YOUR PEOPLE. 

Here’s to an amazing 2024. 

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