Team Performance

Are You Missing the Mark on Team Performance?

As leaders we know profits keep the lights on.  If you are seeing more red than black then at some point, there’s nowhere to go and the conversation around employee engagement won’t matter.

At the same time, regardless of how powerful your black line is, profits don’t speak to the team culture.

Here are a few examples of key measurables that often get missed in evaluating success.

• Individual Motivation
• Employee turnover ratio
• Desire to attend social events
• Showing up on time to meetings
• If employees use their vacation days
• Employee willingness to give feedback
• How employees talk about their co-workers
• Being fully engaged in projects & deadlines
• Level of honesty & openness with each other
• Number of employees asking/seeking for promotions

It might be worthwhile to make your own list.  Your culture and your team are unique so it’s beneficial to have your own metrics to measure team success.

Usually, the first sign of unhealthy team dynamics is evident in employee attitudes and behaviors.  It’s the easy low hanging fruit, but this is not where you want your focus to be for change.

Attitudes and behaviors serve as signals and symptoms to the deeper mindsets and posture of your team. They are important and need to be identified and addressed but usually not where your solution lies.

It’s helpful to see them as a window into deeper challenges among your team.

They are the VERY feedback you need to know so you can help your team move towards a culture you all want in your workplace.

Take time to think through the takeaway tip below to work towards a solution to change and click the link below if you want to connect with me on further team change!

Takeaway Tip to Reverse Your Team’s Attitudes & Behaviors.

Think about what EXPERIENCES you need to provide your team to shift their emotions and mindsets to the culture you desire. In the consistency of the everyday experiences, you provide your team, their attitudes and behavior will follow.

Experience > Emotions > Mindset > Attitudes > Behavior > Results

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